5 Facts About E-Cigarettes

5 Things You May Not Know About E-Cigs
Our Portland Area electronic cigarette store is committed to spreading the good news about the positive benefits of e-cigs. Here are 5 key facts about e-cigs:
1. E-cigs deliver fewer particulates Tobacco cigarettes contain a wealth of chemicals, toxins and fine particulates that many researchers believe can damage not only the lungs but also other body systems. When you switch to e-cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes, you'll no longer breathe in these particulates on a daily basis – that should give you more energy and reduce your risk for cardiovascular issues.
2. E-cigs are not "chemical free"They do act as delivery vehicles for nicotine, and they use liquids like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) to help deliver the nicotine.
3. There have been no significant, long-term, randomized control studies on the health effects of smoking e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette movement is still fairly young, and science is only beginning to explore the long-term health ramifications. Both the scaremongers (i.e. those who worry that e-cigarettes may be bad for you) and the overly excited boosters may be jumping the gun. That said, anecdotes and initial evidence suggest that e-cigarettes are, at the very least, substantially healthier than tobacco cigarettes.
4. Healthy or not, e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. According to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, 4 million Americans now use e-cigs, and over a 1 billion devices will be sold by the end of 2013.
5. The actions of nicotine are complex, and nicotine has a big effect on body weight. Nicotine is a profoundly complex chemical. It's been linked with many negative health outcomes, particularly at chronically high doses. However, nicotine also acts to suppress an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL). In so doing, it may prevent fat cells from accumulating fat. Researchers believe this is one of the reasons why, when people quit smoking cigarettes, they gain fat – because nicotine is no longer able to suppress LPL.

All about E-Juice
What is E-Liquid/E-Juice?
As a Portland Area E-Liquid supplier, VaporShack.us is often peppered with questions from people both new to vaping and veterans alike. What exactly IS e-liquid or e-juice? How does it work? What flavors it? Here's a quick premier to answer commonly asked questions.

First of all, what is e-liquid, and how does it work?
E-liquid is a solution that contains nicotine, flavoring, and a base (generally vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol). The liquid is vaporized by a component known as the atomizer, which is then inhaled to deliver the nicotine. This process – known as vaping – in many ways mimics the act of cigarette smoking, so people who are trying to quit smoking actual cigarettes find the process soothing and familiar.

What are the variations among e-liquids?
Some use vegetable glycerin as a base, while other liquids contain mostly propylene glycol. The types and intensities of various natural flavorings and coloring agents vary from e-liquid to e-liquid, and as do the concentration of nicotine and the consistency.

How do the different e-liquids feel?
The sensation of the vapor hitting the back of the throat is known as "throat hit." It's one of the most important distinguishing features of vaping. Consistency, concentration of nicotine and also the e-cigarette's voltage can all impact the dynamics and caliber of the throat hit.

What's the best concentration of nicotine to use?
In general, manufacturers recommend that people new to vaping (who've had experience smoking cigarettes) should start at 18 milligrams of nicotine for every millimeter of e-liquid used. You can then adjust your concentration upwards or downwards, depending on your taste, preferences, and the urgency of your desire to quit nicotine.

Is e-liquid dangerous?
Obviously, you shouldn't drink it or let children access it, since it contains nicotine, which is a known toxic substance. State law also bars minors from using and handling nicotine. Make sure that the base is pharmaceutical grade. Researchers are still exploring the health risks, if any, of vaping. But e-cigs are certainly much safer than cigarettes.

4 Tips for Maintaining Your E-Cigs
Maybe you're a newbie to electronic cigarettes, and you're just loving the fact that you can now vape indoors without fear of baleful glances or worries that you'll kill other people with secondhand smoke. Or maybe you're a veteran at vaping. In either case, you need to be mindful of e-cig maintenance challenges. Here are 4 tips to keep your equipment ship-shape: 1. Track your accessories. As with any organization scheme, you need to strike a balance between creating too much structure and allowing too much laxity. Buy enough cases to meet your needs. For instance, if you vape at home and at work, purchase separate units for home and work. 2. Mind your batteries! During the early heyday of e-cigs, battery life was so short that most users were incredibly attentive to their charging needs. Ironically, thanks to the advent of longer-lived batteries, many e-cig users are overly cavalier, and the results aren't pretty. You do not want to find out that your battery is dead while you're 20 miles from home on a camping trip… and tempted by friends smoking "real" (a.k.a. ammonia and tar-rich) tobacco cigs. Buy at least one extra battery, and make battery charging part of your regular maintenance. You might also invest in a car charger or a USB charger to get power boosts on the go. 3. Keep your e-cig equipment far, far away from water. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, your e-cig equipment does not mix well with H20. Many cases have rubber insulation to wick moisture away, but you still need to exercise caution when you go to a public pool or beach… or when you vape while doing the dishes. 4. Improve your maintenance plan over time: think of it as a system. No matter how careful you are – how diligently you prepare against dead batteries, lost cartridges, water damage, etc. – you will face setbacks in your vaping journey. So be it. Learn from them. Pay attention to what goes wrong (and when it does), and try to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Saving Money With E-Cigarettes Bay Area E-Cigarettes How much money can you save, long-term, if you opt for a Bay Area e-cigarette solution as opposed to traditional cigarettes? The cost savings are truly mind-blowing, especially when you consider them over several decades. Let's take a look at some ways e-cigs help you save money: E-liquid (a.k.a. e-cigarette juice) is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Image via Flickr For the price of one carton of cigarettes, you can buy 10 millimeters of electronic cigarette juice, which is equal to two cartons of cigarettes. That's twice the savings right there! And that's if you buy the liquid in 10 millimeter elements. If you buy in bulk, you can get bigger discounts. What if you opt for prefilled cartridges or cartomizers? Will the math work out in your favor then? Absolutely. Even though cartomizers cost more than cartridges, five cartomizers will cost substantially less than a single cigarette carton. Once you purchase a starter kit (very inexpensive), you basically only need the basics: batteries or cartomizers and e-liquids or cartridges. Plus, when you use a trusted Bay Area vapor shop, such as Golden Gate Vapor, you can tap into discounts, deals, loyalty rewards, etc. E-cigs are taxed at a much lower rate than cigarettes (for understandable reasons). Even if you were just to tally that stuff up, the "smart money" is decidedly in the e-cigs column. According to the American Lung Association, something like 1/2 million people every year die due to the side effects of smoking cigarettes. Let's assume that e-cigarettes are indeed much healthier than traditional cigarettes (with their toxic vaporous cocktail of ammonia, tar, and other atrocious organic chemicals that have no place in human lung system). When you make a permanent switch to e-cigs, you're going to almost certainly be healthier over the long-term, which means reduced medical bills and more energy to work. So your lifetime earning potential goes up, your lifespan goes up, your healthcare costs go down. Plus, you also need to factor in the costs of your time and convenience. How much work time do you lose by having to "step out" of your office or restaurant (wherever) to have a cigarette? When you switch to e-cigs, you get that time back! To learn more about the exciting benefits and features of e-cigs in Portland, check out the free resources we have at VaporShack.us or contact our astute and friendly team for help with any questions.

The Power of E-Cigarettes California Anti-E-Cigarette Bill We believe in the power of e-cigarettes to help cigarette addicts safely break the habit of inhaling carcinogens, like ammonia, tar, and other nasty organic compounds. World Health Statistics suggest that around 1 out of every 10 human beings dies of complications from smoking tobacco – that's around 5 million people annually. While e-cigs do serve as a delivery system for nicotine (which may not be a wonderful substance to consume in large, chronic doses), studies suggest nicotine may be as innocuous as caffeine. Public health officials should welcome the opportunity to solve a big health crisis, like our collective addiction to cigarettes, by almost any means possible. Consumers certainly seem to be listening. The San Jose e-cig market has grown at a prodigious rate. Some observers believe that it's set to double (or more) in 2013 alone. But as the e-cig antismoking method has gotten more popular, critics and naysayers have gotten more strident. Anti-e-cig activists in California, for instance, are trying to pass a bill that would essentially regulate e-cigs like regular cigarettes. The bill would, among other things, radically reduce when, where, and how people can vape. That's annoying for several reasons. By Akujames, via Wikimedia Commons First of all, many people find it extremely difficult just to quit. When you throw up additional obstacles in their way – e.g. restrict where, when, and how they can vape – you're making it much harder for them for no real reason. Vaping is virtually odorless, and secondhand vapor smoke is almost certainly far less dangerous than secondhand cigarette smoke. Admittedly, we would all like to see more sound science on both the short and long-term health implications of vaping. But common sense and anecdotal testimony suggest vaping is far healthier than smoking cigarettes. Yes, we should prevent minors from getting hooked on nicotine in any form, and e-cig manufacturers and distributors must keep these products out of the hands of kids. But banning e-cigs on planes, bars and restaurants doesn't make sense, given the science and the psychology. For excellent vaping equipment - and help getting started with e-cigs - turn to the team at Golden Gate Vapor. We can answer your questions and get you motivated to kicking your habit for good.

Three Types of Electronic Cigarettes
When many people first visit our VaporShack.us shop, they are so eager to "get started" with kicking traditional cigarettes that they're inclined to choose e-cigarettes essentially at random. Before you get rolling, understand the three types of e-cigarettes and their pros and cons.

Type #1: Regular size (aka "minis")
If you're just looking to "dip your toe" into vaping, minis are good way to start. Minis were the original e-cigs. Although you can find dozens of models, you can often use parts from different vendors, since these e-cigs are mix and matchable. Most minis use a battery cartomizer set up, in which the nicotine liquid reservoir and atomizer are compartmented together. Minis look and feel similar to traditional cigarettes. Some even come with a red tip (lit up by an LED light), which so effectively mimics real cigarettes that people will freak out if you use one of them indoors.
On the downside, batteries on minis tend to wear our quickly. You probably won't get more than two hours of use. If you want really full flavor and a durable performance, opt for larger classes.

Type #2: Mid-size
Mid-size is now the "standard" for serious vapers. The batteries are much larger – 650 mAh versus 280 mAh in the largest minis. They're not that expensive – just 50% more than a regular e-cig. They can adapt to a variety of heads, including the prolific vapor producing low resistance (LR) type. If you're a beginner, this technology may feel slightly "too large."

Type #3: Advance personnel vaporizers ("mods" or "APVs")
This diverse third group includes all e-cigs with extra functions that are not typically offered by regular or mid-size units. APVs break down further into two classes: Boxmods and tubemods. They come in three subtypes, including electronic, basic electrical, and mechanical.

APVs have massive battery life, especially when compared with minis. They generally come with rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium ion batteries. This "souped-up" e-cig can pump out tremendous amounts of vapor at one time - three times as much as a regular e-cig. They also come with bells and whistles, including digital readouts, attractive metal or wooden housing, variable voltage, and more. Some batteries can last up to 8 hours.

If you're looking for e-cigs explore our resources online. We can answer any questions you have about this technology or about the health benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigs. We have done it.

What Are the Parts of an E-cigarette?
When Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette eight years ago in China, he probably had no idea that the technology would lead to a revolution in the anti-smoking marketplace.
China remains the epicenter of the electronic cigarette world. Most of the world's atomizers and e-liquids are still made in China by a handful of companies. U.S. importers bring this hardware into the country and retail it to consumers here.

Traditional cigarettes contain approximately 4,000 carcinogens, including ammonia, tar, other disgusting and dangerous organic compounds that sound more like pesticide ingredients than like anything you'd want to put into your body, repeatedly, over decades.

The 3 parts of an e-cigarette
1. Cartridge
The cartridge is the mouthpiece of e-cig. It contains polyfill fiber - like you'd find in a cushion - which is saturated with nicotine, flavoring, and a compound called propylene glycol. This is a safe (per the Food & Drug Administration) food additive.
You can refill cartridges with different flavors and nicotine strengths. Cartridges do need to be replaced, but they can be reused around five times or so - more or less, depending on how you smoke, how often you smoke, the quality of the cartridges and other variables.

2. Atomizer
The atomizer is the device that takes the liquid and "atomizes it" into a vapor for you to inhale. The cartridge pushes onto the atomizer, which then screws into the battery.

3. Battery
An e-cig battery typically lasts several hours, if you smoke heavily. Some batteries are longer lived than others. One prominent reviewer, for instance, prefers the LEO and EGO batteries.
Be prepared to recharge frequently and/or to have a few spare batteries on hand - especially if you vape a lot or if you vape far from home where you can't charge up your unit.

If you're looking for an e-cig in the Portland Area, get in touch with the team here at VaporShack.us to answer any questions about the technology and health benefits. We can help you understand what to expect, once you quit inhaling those 4,000 carcinogens and switch over to this much healthier nicotine delivery system.
You can also shop for high quality e-cigarette products and components here at VaporShack.us.

What are E-Cigs?
As a smoker who's desperate to quit, you've probably heard a lot of buzz about "e-cigs." What are these contraptions? How do they work? Are they right for you?
E-cigs and vapor pens are dynamic nicotine delivery vehicles that allow you to participate in the tactile pleasures of smoking–inhaling vapor, sucking on a cigarette-like stem, tasting the nicotine–without ingesting the toxic constituents of cigarette smoke.

The machine vaporizes a nicotine-laced liquid, which you breathe in. The nicotine enters your system and affects you just like a normal cigarette's nicotine would.
Why is this method of nicotine replacement/quitting so helpful?
First off, you don't have to change your behaviors. Secondly, you get to enjoy nicotine in the way you're used to enjoying it, which is important because nicotine is so powerfully addictive. Research even suggests that nicotine acts like a weight loss drug because of its ability to suppress the action of a fat storage enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase (LPL).

So many smokers find it difficult to quit nicotine itself. But if they can reduce their exposure to the dangerous particulates and noxious chemicals in cigarette smoke, they can reduce their health risks. E-cigarettes thus provide a kind of bridge between being a smoker and being a nonsmoker.
You can find disposable e-cigs as well as customized kits. The technology consists of an atomizer, a power supply, and a mouthpiece. Each of these components can be customized.

If you work a construction job with long shifts, you probably want an e-cigarette with a substantial power supply. If you work in an office tower, where you can recharge your battery easily, you don't need a massive power supply. Likewise, different atomizers are right for different smokers. The atomizer vaporizes the nicotine liquid; its shelf life depends on how long you use it, how often you clean it, etc. Typically, you should change your atomizer every several months, if not more often.
To find out more about e-cigarettes, connect with the Golden Gate Vapor team today to discuss the technology and our customized solutions for smokers. We also carry a supply of various e-liquid flavors for your vapor pens.

How Will Your Body Benefit from Quitting Smoking?
Let e-Cigarettes Help You [Finally] Kick the Habit Whether you've been smoking for five months or 5 years or more, you have been told, again and again, how unhealthy smoking is. But how exactly will your body benefit, once you toss that last pack of cigarettes? Since electronic cigarettes don't have all of the chemicals as traditional cigarettes, your body will be reaping the benefits of quitting, while still getting the nicotine it craves. Image via Flickr Here are some interesting facts: According to a 2003 article in the Journal of Hypertension, your blood pressure and heart rate will drop just 20 minutes after you put out your last cigarette. U.S. Surgeon General's reports from the 1990′s show that, in the days and hours after quitting, the cilia in the lungs start to heal, which reduces your chance of infection, and circulation improves. Within half a day, the level of carbon monoxide (CO) in your blood drops. This is good, since carbon monoxide is a toxin. According to the 2010 Surgeon General's report, one year after you quit smoking, your risk for coronary heart disease drops to just 50% of the risk of someone who still smokes. The U.S. Surgeon General's Office also says that, five years after you quit, your risk of getting cancer of the bladder, the esophagus, the mouth and the throat is half of what it was as a smoker. By five years out, your risk of a stroke falls to that of a non-smoker. 10 years after quitting, your risk of getting lung cancer will be halved compared to the risk of someone who's still smoking. Within 15 years, your risk of getting coronary artery disease is equal to a nonsmoker's risk. Quitting smoking is not easy, but it's far more doable today than it was even just five years ago, thanks to aids like e-cigs. VaporShack.us Can Help You Kick the Habit!
Nicotine Warnings!
WARNING: The recipes and e-juice on this site may contain Nicotine. Nicotine is a highly toxic substance and should always be handled with care, always wear protective clothing when handling nicotine or making e-juice & never allow nicotine to make contact with your skin. If contact does occur, thoroughly wash the affected area immediately with soap and water, repeat if necessary. Always store any e-liquid supplies including nicotine locked away from children or pets in child proof bottles, and ensure all traces of e-liquid have been thoroughly washed off any tools used to make e-juice. This website (Kevinholmesvapor.com) or myself cannot be held responsible for the misuse of nicotine by individuals manufacturing e-liquid using the e-juice or recipes on this site. If you are unsure consult a physician before use or handling anything related to e-cigarettes and vaping.