Portland Myst
Fruit mix, Spearmint & Bubblegum!
Portland Mint
(Andes Mint type)
Hair of the Dog
Bourbons, Almond Amazingness!
Artwork coming!
Let's make some E-Juice! My day just free'd up! SE PDX, close to Mall 205. Appointment only. I'm ready! You? $20 for a 60ML bottle! $10 for a 30ML bottle! $7 for a 15ML.
$15-$20 for a 60ML - $30-$40 for a 120ML.
Almost any strength! Made to order!
Coke! Jackfruit. Koko Puffz! Crunch Berry's! Fudge Brownie's! Red Vine! Root Beer Float! Black Berry Pomegranate! Sensual - Strawberry Custard! Creamy Custard! Peach's and Cream! Banana Runtz! Banana's Foster! BlueBerry! BlueBerry Candy! Blueberry Champagne. Add menthol to any. Tobacco and Caramel. Salted Caramel White Chocolate. White Chocolate. Tiramisu. Blue Ballz - Red Bull and Blueberry. Jack and Coke. Lynchburg Lemonade. Portland Myst (Antidote-like but much better. Tigers Blood. Mothers Milk. Blackberry Pomegranate Bubblegum! Sticky Buns. Kalua & Cream. Peanut Butter. Butterscotch. Portland Mint (Andy's Mints.) Pizza. Cake Batter. Strawberry Pie. Jaeger Bomb. Lucky Charms. Fruit Loops bFruity Pebbles. Cheerios. Portland Milk. Passion Fruit. Elderberry. Taro.

Email me or text me - I ship anywhere in the U.S. If you are in a different country we can talk about options.
Some of my Available Juice!
Delivery $10 in the Portland area!