Thank you so much for visiting my passion. I started this site after I found a love for vaping and decided if I can make e-juice that I love, others will too. Here is my quick story.

I'm Kevin, founder of Kevin Holmes Vapor in Portland, Oregon. I have 3 kids and they kept telling me I need to quit smoking. I have done it for 20+ years since I joined the military. One day my 9 year old son told me I should get a e-cigarette he saw on TV and quit smoking. So I took him to my local shop, EVL (Escape Vapor Lounge) and tried a few. I settled on watermelon and bought a starter kit - Ego-C Twist. I wasted 2 months playing with it, not taking it seriously saying one day, one day. Then at the encouragement of a co-worker who vaped, I switched full time and quit smoking. To this day I have not had 1 cigarette and no desire as well. This is fun, tastes great, smells like a Yankee candle, I feel better, I can smell and taste again and I like talking about it and getting people to quit smoking if the desire is there.

My first flavor I tried making was Apple Strawberry. Next a Cinnamon Sugar Cookie. Then a PiƱa Colada and finally a Grape Champagne.

I found it's not easy making juice as you have to let many flavors steep for 1-4 weeks before testing to see if they are worth keeping, Some are very complex recipes to make something grand. But all in all it has been a great ride.

To date I have over 600 amazing flavors and a small but good customer base that grows daily!

Vape on and thank you!